The cure for cancer

A study has shown that there are… too many studies. There is SO much content everywhere, to the point that we’re led to believe that we browse to discover, when most of the time we simply enforce views that we already hold.

Because we keep gathering information like enthusiastic intellectual hoarders, without a purpose and we never solve this information. Instead of recycling it, we keep piling it up, so to speak.

I am addressing life sciences in particular. I thought it was all about curing disease and making the world a better place – sadly it doesn’t seem like it is. Not because of some conspiracy-people-are-bad-scientists-are-corrupt kind of way. We just…forgot to be a little naive and child-like when it comes to these things. How many of you daydreamed of curing cancer? How many of you told this to someone in a position of power who laughed in your face and said:

-That’s because you don’t understand cancer. We will never find a cure. There is not one cure. It’s a complex matter. Oh, and you must submit that bullshit personal statement by x deadline.

So you just accepted that. Because you viewed them as a figure of authority, someone smarter. No. They are someone with more skill (which comes with practice) and more information (which even my mp3 player can store. You laugh, but so does its 3 day lasting battery). Never get intimidated by what they say just because they’re older. Respect them, but do not fear them. This is how the conversation should go:

– Hi. Forget the boring 1000 word cover letter/personal statement of why I want to study Biology, in which I kiss the complicated ass of the field in an exaggerated academic masturbation kind of way. I shouldn’t be here based on my abilities to market myself, so you don’t need a two-page document that took me weeks to write, which you’re going to look at for 5 seconds, because, let’s be honest, this is equally boring for you. I am here to cure for cancer. Let’s get to work. I already lost precious moments of the ONE life I get to write those stupid 1000 words.

– First of all, everybody has to go through our standard procedures.

– Yes, that’s why nobody found the cure. Because everybody has to do the same thing.

– Second of all (they’re not actually listening to you because they either love the sound of their own voice so much or they successfully turned into a CleverBot), you don’t understand cancer. Read more, everything that’s fundamental has already been discovered.

– Yes, that’s what people have been saying even before gravity was described.

– Thirdly, we will not find a cure.

– Not with that attitude. Let me tell you how you find the cure for cancer in 3 months. You get a bunch of scientists in a room – it doesn’t matter which ones, they are all capable people. You hold them at gunpoint and tell them that they’ve got 3 months to brainstorm and find the cure for cancer, with all resources at their disposal, else all their beloved ones will be tortured and murdered. And you instruct them that they have only got 24 hours to freak out about the situation they are in before they calm the fuck down and get on with it. This creates an environment of necessity. And necessity is the most successful trigger of quality results. You’re not actually going to put anyone though pain, after 3 months when they come out with the cure you go like “Haha, there’s the hidden camera, there’s Grandma Lucy who knows you must have missed her special pie all these days and here’s your Noble Prize. No, don’t worry, you don’t have to wait 20 more years before you actually receive it. Congratulations!”

– Cancer is very complex, there is not one single cure.

– Go fuck yourself.