Chill the fuck out

Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Do you feel like you’re losing control?

Good! That’s how we want you to feel.

We want you to be on your toes, running from place to place and doing all the menial tasks we don’t want to do. And we know you’ll do them because you’re too much in fight-or-flight mode to realise what’s going on. To realise that we don’t care about your problems. But we want you to care about ours. Else you’ll have more problems.

To realise that we’re never truly disappointed in you. We just guilt trip you somehow to control you. To make you feel like you owe us. We don’t know we do it, but we do it because it works and because you let us. Thank you for that, we really appreciate it.

To realise that we don’t own you. That we don’t own your future. Because we are humans, just like you.

To realise that “organisations” is just an imposing word used to describe people in buildings who send you e-mails about taxes, deadlines, you name it. While they drink shitty coffee. Or good coffee, depending on the human. Because sometimes they get sleepy, just like you. Because they were up all night talking to their lover. Or arguing with their partner. Or because they developed insomnia. Because they feel stressed. Overwhelmed. Like they’re losing control.

With that in mind, here is the dream:

One morning, everybody decided not to give a fuck. Absolutely everybody. That day, nobody got out of bed and the world stood still. For a few moments, the whole population relaxed. Guilt-free. For a few moments, jobs did not exist. Deadlines did not exist. Crime did not exist. Because nobody gave a fuck. Every single individual was suddenly captivated by nature, by the sky and by each other’s wide open eyes. Until somebody got hungry. A lot of somebodies actually. And an equal amount of somebodies suddenly felt inspired after watching the clouds to make fluffy eggs. Or cloudy eggs. Or eggs that are actually almonds. Because other somebodies got creative in different ways. The point is, people who had a genuine desire to cook, did. And absolutely everybody had breakfast. And nobody did the dishes because all menial tasks were automated. All of them. Yet there were no strikes because people did not need money anymore. Because nothing was expected of them. All they needed was tools to make art. Gradually the world started moving again. At a slower pace than before. Because everybody did whatever the fuck they wanted. 

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