Righter’s block? How to do it write!

Say you want to write something, whether it’s a blog, a novel or that stupid school essay that nobody really cares about but you *have* to do it. And, which, for some reason, has to be exactly 1000 words. Where do you start? Because you want to do it right, not half-assed and cheesy like the title of this article. Stop staring at that blank word page, nothing is going to happen. Drop it like it’s hot and we’ll come back to it with fresh eyes. Let’s focus on YOU.


How are you today? The emotional environment is crucial in determining whether your creative flow is obstructed or unstoppable. The reason you are attempting to write in the first place is because, deep down, you know you’ve got it. You have an inclination for it. But you are afraid. You are afraid to fail.

The bad news: 9/10 of your ideas will suck. The good news: 1/10 of your ideas will be really nice. The very good news: 10/10 of your ideas will lead to better ideas. So write them down. Just do it.


Being brave is being fearless. Being courageous is being afraid and doing it anyway. The will to risk is, in fact, the will to fail. We identify so much with our work, that if people don’t like it, we feel like they don’t like us. From that, we get the impression that we are not entitled to like ourselves. Therefore, if that first sentence is bad, we are bad and should feel bad. No wonder we’re blocked. No wonder we feel trapped by this illusion that the first sentence we WRITE has to be RIGHT (see what I did there?). The will to fail is what ends this vicious loop. Accept that your first sentence will be shit, while being open to the possibility that it may be genius. Importantly, never worry about how people perceive you – they are all too worried about how you perceive them.


As a writer, you know that wording is everything. Writer’s block doesn’t exist. You made that up. Women who referred to their labour pain as “labour tensions” actually felt less pain. By simply using different wording, they became aware that giving birth is a natural process. They felt more connected with what was going on. Words shape our thoughts.

Body and Mind

And our thoughts are generated by our body. In Yoga practice, you learn that the body and the mind are not two separate entities. We all experience this hallucination that the self is situated somewhere behind our eyes, in between the forehead and glabella (fancy ass term for the smooth part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows, which in my experience is not smooth at all, but more like a holiday resort for pimples). The point is, you are your body as much as you are your mind. You guessed it, how you eat and how much you sleep also influences your mental health. To be at your best in order to give your best, number one priority is SLEEP. Sleeping enough will make you not crave shitty foods to replenish energy fast. Quality sleep will make you likely to go for healthy stuff. EATING WELL gives you lots of energy and you are more likely to EXERCISE. Physical activity oxygenates your brain, releases all those feel good chemicals. And when you’re happy and relaxed, you don’t need anything. When you feel like you don’t need anything, you give everything. The creative flow is free to flood the world with inspiration. But towards the end of this post, once more, let’s focus on YOU.


Who are you today? And why should the universe conspire to keep your heart beating? Why should the sun caress your skin (or excite you biochemically to synthesise Vitamin D if you’re more turned on by science rather than poetry)? Because, inherently, you want to contribute. You want to do good. Chances are that as a kid you were rooting for the good side to win. Heck, you probably wanted to grow up and fight evil together with your heroes. Guess what? Adults don’t exist. We’re all human beings who levelled up and now we have fancier weapons. Your weapon of choice today is words. Enjoy using it!


Hello. I am another you. Fighting a battle inside me. Just like you. Just like them. Fighting for decreased pain and increased happiness. Goodbye. I am still another you.


Lie down flat on the floor and trust the ground to hold you.


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